How I built a (free) compost bin in about 5 minutes (pt. 1)

Pallets and materials to build a compost bin

A GMO apple a day will give you cancer and keep the doctor paid – Nick Blasquez

I decided to throw my hat in the gold business, black gold that is. I’ve been talking about composting forever and guess what? Forever is now.

Throwing away all those fruit/veggie scraps, egg shells, and coffee grounds has always felt wasteful but I didn’t want to spend any money on a professional bin, but I also got tired of pinning complicated DIY compost bin plans that I’ll never get around to doing.

Cheap and simple. That’s me.

So why spend months messing around with dirt farming thinks I, when I can just go get truckloads of free horse @$!% from my horse-people neighbors or ball out on some miracle grow from the Home Depot?

Because tracing foods to their roots is not enough for me anymore. I want to think about what feeds the food I eat. OG hipster sounding? Maybe. But whatever, I don’t want rectal cancer from Frankenstein foods.

Food is getting crappier every decade, and even single-ingredient stuff like fruits and veggies aren’t safe from the toxic effects of bottom dollar commercialization. GMOs, over-farmed soil, pesticides and bumblebee genocide. Not to mention most non-organic fruit taste like water to me now. Am I the only one who thinks store bought non-org. apples are junk these days? And don’t get me started on peaches, pears, and bananas.

So I am composting as the ultimate form of food sourcing. Activities like this help take my life off auto-pilot. Plus I’m finding it rewarding to work on simple grassroots projects that help me feel a tad less dependent on the corporations, and all that jazz.

Step One – Gather Materials

Pallets and other materials to make a free compost bin
Fence posts optional. Strawberry lemonade (pirate party) sangria recommended.

Basically all it took was:

  • 3 free pallets from wherever
  • Six screws
  • Drill
  • Old tarp
  • Staple gun
  • The fence posts are if you wish to stake it in place like if say, you live in tornado or godzilla country. I ended up not since the three pallets combined to be heavy enough to stay put
  • 1/2 gallon of chilled pirate party sangria (rum & champagne instead of brandy and wine)

Step 2 – Get Screwin’

Construction of free pallet compost bin
Just butt up the edges and throw a couple screws in. So easy it’s almost magic

Shoddy construction is king when you’re DIYin’ the day away.

Step 3 – Line the Bin

Finished compost bin (free)
A real masterpiece lol lol (good enough for rotten fruit though)

Lay out the tarp like so and then staple it a bunch.

Step 4 – Compost Stuff

That’s it. Start throwing fruit scraps and whatnot into your shiny new (free) compost bin. I know I do!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post. Where I show the bin in action and give a couple (niave newbie) tips on proper country boy compostin’

Until then,

Sunshine and small steps friends

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